Photograph of Tim Palmer against a leafy background

Symposium to celebrate the career of Professor Tim Palmer

Seminars and colloquia
Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre
Clarendon Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PU


On 5th and 6th December 2022, ECMWF and University of Oxford will hold a symposium to celebrate the career of Tim Palmer.

For 40 years, Tim’s work on the prediction of weather and climate has revolutionised the field, particularly in the area of ensemble forecasting. As Tim approaches retirement, we will take the opportunity to look back over his extensive career. The symposium will feature talks from a range of contributors who have worked with Tim over the years, and who will share both their latest work and their reflections on Tim’s contributions to the field.

This two-day event will be held across ECMWF and Oxford. The first day, 5th December, will be hosted by ECMWF while the second day will be hosted by Oxford. For more information on the ECMWF symposium, please follow this link:


There will be no registration fee to attend the event. We are unable to provide contributions towards travel or other expenses.

We anticipate all talks being given in person, though it will be possible to join the event online.

The day will start at 9:00am and talks will wrap up by 5:30pm, followed by a drinks reception to which all are invited. The full timetable will be published in due course.

Oxford Speakers:

Judith Berner – Stochastic parametrisation

Harvey Brown – Gravitational energy momentum in general relativity

Peter Haynes – Breaking Rossby waves in the stratosphere

Brian Hoskins – Singular vectors and ensemble prediction

Sabine Hossenfelder – Superdeterminism and Invariant Set Theory

Mat Chantry and Milan Kloewer – Reduced precision computing

Jonathan Mason – Human creativity, free will and consciousness

Mark Rodwell – Seamless prediction

Glenn Shutts – Orographic gravity wave drag

Julia Slingo – Tropical climate and tropical-extratropical interactions

Bjorn Stevens – km-scale climate modelling

Kristian Strommen – Weather regimes


Please register your interest at by 27th Oct 2022 indicating your preference for in-person or online attendance. Because of limited venue capacity we may not be able to accept all expressions of interest, and successful registrations will be confirmed by 10th November 2022.


For more information please contact the organising team:

Hannah Christensen: hannah.christensen ‘at’

Kristian Strommen: kristian.strommen ‘at’

Martha Buckley: martha.buckley ‘at’