A celebration of the contributions of Professor Graham Ross FRS to theoretical physics took place in September 2011. Named GrahamFest, the event marked his formal retirement from Oxford and participants heard his longstanding collaborators discussing his work and his legacy. Videos of the talks can be seen below. Slides of all the talks are on the GrahamFest programme web page.

GrahamFest: Introduction by Professor John Wheater
GrahamFest: Messages shared by Professor Subir Sarkar
John Ellis, Kings College London: Sniffing out the gluon
Mike Pennington, Jefferson Lab: Roads to freedom
Keith Ellis, Fermilab: Perturbation theory and the parton model in QCD
Alan Barr, Oxford: Invisible particles at the LHC
Bob Jaffe, MIT: Encounters with voodoo QCD
Brian Pendleton, Edinburgh: Mass and mixing angle predictions from infrared fixed points
Luis Ibanez, Madrid: GGR, EWSB and DGS
Dick Roberts, RAL: An education
Alberto Casas, Madrid: Dynamical determination of compactification parameters
Zygmunt Lalak, Warsaw: Racetrack inflation
Steve King, Southampton: Flavour and good taste
George Leontaris, Ioannina: Fermion mass textures
Andy Lutken, Oslo: Duality in the quantum Hall system
Herbi Dreiner, Bonn: R-parity violation and discrete symmetries
Dumitri Ghilencea, Bucharest/CERN: Naturalness, dark matter(s) and a last bet for a Susy Higgs
Alan Martin, Durham: Graham - his first research years and some stories
Graham Ross, Oxford: closing remarks