Nathan Jurik

Former Oxford physicist awarded 2021 Young Experimental Physicist Prize

Fundamental particles and interactions
Particle Physics

Former Oxford physicist, Nathan Jurik, has been awarded this year’s European Physical Society’s Young Experimental Physicist Prize for key work that he did as a postdoc at Oxford. The prize recognises outstanding work by one or more early career experimental physicists in the field of particle physics and/or particle astrophysics and was also awarded to Ben Nachman.

Dr Jurik was awarded the prize for his outstanding contributions to the LHCb experiment, including the discovery of pentaquarks, and the measurements of CP violation and mixing in the B and D meson systems.

Dr Jurik was a postdoc in the Oxford LHCb group, before recently moving to his current position at CERN. Professor Guy Wilkinson worked with him throughout this period: ‘We are incredibly proud of Nathan and this award is much deserved. He performed much of the research mentioned in his citation during his time at Oxford, in particular the CP violation studies and his detector work. Nathan has always demonstrated exceptional talent and potential.’