Jack Harrison

Jack Harrison awarded Young Researcher Award

Quantum materials
Condensed Matter Physics

DPhil student Jack Harrison has been awarded the European Materials Research Society’s Young Researcher Award (E-MRS YRA) for his PhD research presented at the 2023 Fall edition of the E-MRS conference in the seminar 'topological textures in antiferroic and ferroic materials.' His research has focused on studying antiferromagnetic topological textures in freestanding nanomembranes as a function of temperature and in the presence of applied magnetic field and strain.

The YRA honours and encourages graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high level of excellence and distinction; the award recognises students of exceptional ability who show promise for significant future achievement in materials research. Applicants present their papers at the twice-yearly conference.

‘It is often hard to know as a PhD student and early career researcher whether the work you are conducting is high-quality and interesting to the wider community, as you tend to get focused down into your own little bubble,’ comments Jack. ‘Attending conferences is a great way to place your work in a broader context of research and so being granted recognition through the European Materials Research Society Young Researcher Award has really bolstered my confidence and solidified the hard work I have put in during my PhD.’