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Novo Nordisk Foundation-Oxford fellowship opportunity

The Department of Physics is delighted to announce that applications are being welcomed for the Novo Nordisk Foundation-Oxford Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme. The postdoctoral programme aims to support the next generation of the highest calibre of researchers in the areas of natural and technical sciences or biotechnology. The research projects supported in the programme can range from basic research to innovation, and should be of interdisciplinary nature with potential applications in human health or sustainability.

The successful applicant will have a significant association to the Danish education system or research environment as well as have established contact with a faculty member here at the University of Oxford who has committed to being the primary research mentor for the duration of the 3-4 year fellowship. Applicants will have obtained a PhD degree within 5 years of the fellowship start date.

The promising researchers will spend approximately three years at the University of Oxford before approximately a year at a Danish university or other public or non-profit research institution. The fellowships are funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

‘Here at Oxford, we are successfully working across multiple disciplines, breaking down traditional barriers while benefitting from the world-renowned specialist expertise found across our institution,’ explains Professor Julia Yeomans from the Department of Physics. ‘We look forward to hosting the NNF postdoctoral fellows, and to future research links with Denmark that the fellowships will help to initiate.’

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Further information about the internal process for the Department of Physics is available on the Novo Nordisk Foundation postdoctoral fellowships page. Interested applicants are asked to contact the Research Facilitation team on