Professor Claire Gwenlan

Professor Claire Gwenlan receives teaching award

Fundamental particles and interactions
Particle Physics

Professor Claire Gwenlan has been recognised in the Maths, Physics and Life Sciences Teaching Awards. The scheme celebrates success and recognises and rewards excellence in innovative teaching practice.

Professor Gwenlan receives excellent feedback from students on the first-year electromagnetism lectures, for her engaging lectures, well-structured material, and correctly paced teaching style. All of this enables students to engage and help with their understanding of the subject. In addition, Claire’s role as Deputy Head of Electromagnetism (EM) Labs involves demonstrating electromagnetism to first-year students, which has been very successful.

'I am honored to receive an MPLS Teaching Award,' comments Professor Gwenlan. 'Teaching our talented undergraduates is a privilege, and I am continually challenged and inspired by their insights, perspectives and enthusiasm. I am also grateful for my exceptional and supportive colleagues. This recognition is a tremendous encouragement to me, and I remain committed to cultivating an environment that promotes critical thinking and intellectual growth, while continuing to strive for excellence in teaching.'

Professor Daniela Bortoletto, Head of Particle Physics, comments: ‘Enormous congratulations to Claire on this well-deserved recognition. She is an excellent particle physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider and, through her teaching, passes on her passion and knowledge to inspire the next generation of physicists.’