Professor Pedro Ferreira

Professor Ferreira recognised by RAS

Astronomy and astrophysics
Particle astrophysics & cosmology

Professor Pedro Gil Ferreira has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s 2022 Gerald Whitrow Lecture in Astronomy. Professor Ferreira is one of the world’s leading experts in cosmological tests of gravity. His research covers a broad range of observational and theoretical aspects of cosmology, including significant developments in theories of dynamical dark energy, the first experimental measurements of the acoustic scale in the cosmic microwave background with MAXIMA and BOOMERanG, and recent influential work on beyond-general relativity theories and their gravitational wave signatures.

In addition to his research achievements, Professor Ferreira is a prolific and widely-regarded populariser of science, delivering numerous public lectures, writing popular science articles, and appearing in the media. He is an experienced, passionate and engaging speaker with a unique perspective on modern cosmology.

‘I am deeply honoured to have been invited to give this lecture,’ comments Professor Ferreira. ‘So much is happening in cosmology at the moment and I am very grateful to the RAS for giving me this wonderful opportunity to present my view of where we are going.’

‘Congratulations to Pedro on this fantastic achievement,’ adds Professor Ian Shipsey, who heads up the Department of Physics. ‘He is a remarkable colleague and plays a key role in the day-to-day life of the Department of Physics. He is an inspiration to many.’