Researchers chat to members of the community about the solar system and space-related research

A trip around the solar system

Astronomy and astrophysics
Exoplanets and planetary physics

Some 172 members of the local community joined us for a trip around the solar system – in Oxford University Parks! The COVID-secure, family-friendly event took place on 5 June and space-lovers of all ages were able to visit each of the planets within a scale model of the solar system, chat to our researchers and collect stickers for an out-of-this-world passport along the way.

The event was part of our Stargazing+ programme which aims to work with the local community to help enhance the life of the region; visitors included children and adults with additional support needs and local families within our partnerships.

Here is what some of our wannabe astronauts had to say...!

Burst of science and knowledge.

Hot outdoor 'edutainment'.

My daughter loved asking the questions in the booklet! Especially asking the researchers what they were researching.

Family- and disability-friendly. Thank you!