Stephen Blundell receiving the Yamazaki prize
Credit: C. Bucci

Yamazaki prize awarded to Stephen Blundell

Research group

Stephen Blundell has been awarded The Yamazaki Prize, which recognises a scientist for their outstanding work in muon spectroscopy with a long-term impact on its scientific and/or technical applications.  The prize was awarded in 2020, but received at the International Conference on Muon Spectroscopy in Parma in 2022 (delayed due to the pandemic).  He received the prize from Dr Thomas Prokscha, who was the outgoing President of the International Society of Muon Spectroscopy at the time of the award.

Upon receiving the Yamazaki Prize, Professor Blundell commented: ‘I am delighted and honoured to receive this prize. It is wonderful to receive this recognition from my peers and gives me the opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the tremendous work of my wonderful students and postdocs, past and present, as well as the fantastic colleagues in Oxford and elsewhere that I have had the privilege to work with. Muon spectroscopy has become a world-leading tool for revealing new information about magnets and superconductors, revealing the intricate details of the microscopic magnetic fields that abide in materials, advancing our knowledge of emergent states of matter.’