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AWE William Penney Fellow wins international honour


Professor Peter Norreys, Professor of Inertial Fusion Science and an AWE William Penney Fellow, has been awarded the American Nuclear Society's Edward Teller Medal, in recognition of his pioneering research and leadership in the use of laser and ion-particle beams to produce unique high-temperature and high-density matter.

Professor Norreys is part of the Oxford Centre for High Energy Density Science (OxCHEDS), which brings together research groups from Oxford's Atomic and Laser Physics subdepartment, national partners (including AWE), and other international researchers.

Colin Danson, founding member and Co-Director of OxCHEDS, said "I am delighted that Professor Norreys is to be recognised in this way. He has an extraordinary record in high-energy density plasma physics and the Edward Teller Medal is a fitting acknowledgement, not only of his work to date but his ongoing contribution to the field and his academic leadership."

The Edward Teller Medal is awarded once every two years. Professor Norreys will receive the award during the American Nuclear Society's International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA) in Denver, Colorado, later this month.