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OxCHEDS Coordinator Featured on IOP Podcast

Colin Danson
Colin Danson, AWE
Distinguished Scientist.

The 16th of May marked the UNESCO International Day of Light, an event celebrating the integral role of light in science, technology, art, and culture. The date was chosen in commemoration of the first successful demonstration of the laser by Theodore Maiman in 1960. To mark the occasion, the Institute of Physics's Physics World Weekly aired a podcast with a particular focus on the photon.

One of the podcast's guests was Colin Danson, AWE Distinguished Scientist and Coordinator for OxCHEDS,, who spoke about the high-energy-density research performed at the Orion laser facility (one of the world's top ten most energetic and powerful lasers) and his outlook on the next generation of high-power lasers.

Listen to the IOP's podcast here.