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28 November - 14 December 2023
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Primary school events

Galaxy Zoo: Galactic Explorers Challenge

We invite 7 - 12-year-olds from across the UK to become astrophysicists for a week, classifying galaxies from real satellite images and creating their very...

9 January 2024
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Secondary school events

Year 10 Materials and Physics Day

A fun-filled activity day hosted by the Oxford Physics & Materials Departments

9 March 2024
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Alumni events

Saturday Morning of Theoretical Physics

Save the date for the next Morning of Theoretical Physics

6 May 2024
Two physicists (a female and male) working on a lab experiment
Seminars and colloquia

ALP Seminar: Optical Computing Redux: computing with disorder

Prof. Sylvain Gigan, ENS

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Our researchers change the world: our understanding of it and how we live in it. We explore the fundamentals – how we got here and the secrets of the universe – as well as the practical from developing next-gen materials to pushing the frontiers of quantum and predicting the future for our planet. 

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Our alumni relations office exists to nurture and develop long-lasting relationships between students, staff and friends of the Department of Physics so please do get in touch with ideas, feedback or just to say hello!