In his mid-twenties, Henry Moseley was responsible for what de Broglie called 'one of the greatest advances yet made in natural philosophy.' Today, physicists at Oxford are following in the footsteps of pioneers like Henry Moseley and are making an enormous impact on issues of great significance - from exploring the mysteries of the cosmos and the world of particle physics, to understanding the evolution of Earth’s climate and addressing the need for green energy.

About the Henry Moseley Circle

The Henry Moseley Circle was established to honour the memory of a truly great Oxford scientist, with its initial goal being to raise funds for the Beecroft Building. Thanks in no small part to the generosity of Moseley Circle donors, the Beecroft was officially opened in 2018 and provides state-of-the-art working space for theorists coupled with high-tech laboratories for experimentalists.

Now that the Beecroft is complete, the goal of the Moseley Circle has shifted to helping secure the future of the Department of Physics via the Oxford Physics Endowment for Graduates (OXPEG). By making a regular donation to OXPEG, friends of the Department of Physics can contribute to the next great breakthroughs made by our physicists.

OXPEG provides scholarships and flexible financial support to graduate students. This enables the department to attract the best possible candidates from around the world, and foster the keenest minds, regardless of their financial circumstances or backgrounds. Graduate students contribute enormously to the work of our department, formulating new ideas and finding novel answers to pressing technical challenges. All funds received via the Henry Moseley Circle will go towards the OXPEG programme.

In recognition of their support for OXPEG, donors who contribute via the Henry Moseley Circle will receive invitations to annual events with talks by experts from the Department of Physics; regular newsletters from the Department and a yearly update on OXPEG scholars. They are also invited to take part in an informal mentoring scheme for DPhil students.

Knowing that I had contributed to the amazing Beecroft Building was extremely rewarding. Helping fund the physicists who will now be working in the building through graduate scholarships is the perfect way for the Henry Moseley Circle to continue supporting the Department of Physics.
Jay Watson, Department of Physics alumnus and Henry Moseley Circle founder member

How to become a Henry Moseley Circle donor

To become a Henry Moseley Circle donor, you are requested to make a gift to the Department of £1,000 per annum (this can be made as a yearly donation, or in instalments). Click here to make your gift online and become a Henry Moseley Circle donor. A single gift of £1,000 will mean you are recognised as a Henry Moseley Circle donor for the next twelve months. If you would prefer to set up a regular gift (for example of £1,000 per year, or instalments of £83.33 per month), please note that you will need to select the 'recurring gift' option underneath the 'additional information' heading.

All gifts will be eligible for Gift Aid as the University of Oxford has charitable status. Furthermore, if you pay higher rate tax, it is possible to claim, through self-assessment, the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate of tax on the total gross value of the donation to the Department of Physics, significantly reducing the actual cost. Find out more about how to give to the Department of Physics.

If you would like to discuss this further, or have any questions, we would be delighted to speak to you; please contact