We run a series of lectures and talks for people wanting to find out more about physics and the exciting research we do. There are talks for all difference audiences, from those who study or work in physics-related fields to those who have little or no background knowledge in physics but want to find out more.

Currently all of our talks take place online (via Zoom Webinars) and are often recorded and made available to watch after the events. We will resume our in-person events once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Here are just some of the events that we organise...

Flash talk physics

Short talks (15min) showcasing the wide-ranging and exciting research we do in the Department, from our search for water on the moon to our quest to develop a quantum computer. These talks often include fun demonstrations, interactive polls or activities for you to try for yourself. These talks are usually recorded and available to watch after the event.

Suggested audiences:

  • Public (no background physics knowledge required)
  • School children (aged 11+ years)

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch our latest flash talk series, Destination: Space.

Physics school seminar series (online)

A programme of short talks and Q&A for those who are studying physics (GCSE and A-level) and want to find out more about our research.

Suggested audience: 

  • GCSE and A-level Physics students
  • Public with some background physics knowledge

The first talks in the series focused on quantum materials and can be found on our YouTube channel

Challenges and Changes (online)

This is a series of talks from researchers that address the challenges that physics and physicists currently face, and how they are working to push for change. Some of these lectures have been recorded to be viewed after the event.

Suggested audience:

  • These events are aimed at members of the Department of Physics and anyone interested in issues around inclusion, equality and diversity within physics.

Find out more about the Challenges and Changes series

Christmas lecture

Our annual demonstration lecture takes place in the lead up to Christmas and is jam-packed with fun experiments and interactivity.

Suggested audience:

  • Public (no background physics knowledge required)
  • Families (aged 8+ years)

Institute of Physics lecture series

Organised jointly with the Institute of Physics Oxford branch, this is a series of lectures from our researchers and external speakers about their work in physics.

Suggested audience:

  • Public (some background physics knowledge usually required) and A-level students

To find out more visit the IOP Oxford Branch event page.

The Hintze lectures

The Hintze Lectures highlight contemporary developments in astrophysics and cosmology. They are run by the Oxford Hintze Centre for Astrophysical Surveys. A generous donation by The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation enables world leading researchers to visit Oxford and deliver a lecture as part of this series.

Suggested audience:

  • Public (some background physics knowledge can be required)
  • A-level students

Find out more about the Oxford Hintze Centre for Astrophysical Surveys.

Podcasts and recordings

Many of the lectures have been recorded and are available on the University of Oxford website.

You can also visit our YouTube channel for a variety of material, ranging from formal lectures to fun staff and guests videos.

The quantum materials group at Oxford also has a number of videos on their YouTube channel.