We work closely with a number of carefully selected local primary schools to nurture an interest in – and an understanding of – the wonder of physics.

Our tailored programme of activity has been designed to stimulate enjoyment and learning in physics and to enrich pupils’ understanding of physics in the curriculum – as well as to increase young people’s knowledge of STEM in higher education.

"We want young people to know that anyone can do physics, that it’s exciting, relevant and important and that it goes far beyond the classroom. Studying physics can open the door to a broad range of career possibilities and it is important that our children know this."
Lena Shams

What we do

Our programme of activity includes:

  • hands-on workshops on key physics topics such as space, forces and magnetism
  • a 'day in the life of a physics undergraduate' taster event
  • tailored visits to the Department of Physics
  • annual physics poster competition
  • a kit-loan scheme

Speakers for schools

It is sometimes possible to arrange for one of our researchers to visit schools – other than our target schools – in Oxfordshire for special activities such as STEM fairs or careers days. Please note that due to the demands on our researchers, it isn’t always possible to accommodate requests. The booking form can be downloaded below.

As an alternative, you may consider approaching an educational company who provide workshops for schools. There is a list of providers here: https://www.findschoolworkshops.co.uk/loc/Oxfordshire/Primary/Science/.

Our target schools

The schools we work with have been identified using the POLAR3 (participation of local areas) classification of areas across the UK based on the proportion of the young population that participates in higher education. The schools are located in Oxford within quintile 1 which have the lowest participation rates.


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