The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council now offers two categories of Fellowship – a postdoctoral Fellowship in a limited range of scientific areas and a new “Open Fellowship” applicable across the whole portfolio of physical, engineering and energy sciences.

Interested applicants should consult the EPSRC fellowships pages for more information on expected career stage for each fellowship type and further details of when applications should be made. Applications are made through Je-S. You cannot resubmit the same project proposal should your application be unsuccessful. 

Postdoctoral Fellowships

EPSRC selects which scientific areas they will fund postdoctoral fellowships in at different times so you should refer to EPSRC's list of priority areas to check whether applications are currently being accepted for your scientific area. As of May 2022 applications are currently being accepted in 'energy', 'mathematical sciences' and 'synthetic biology'

Funding is available for up to 3 years, which includes your salary, travel and subsistence and research expenses including consumables, but only equipment costing under £10k.

Open Fellowships

Funding is available for up to 5 years, which includes your salary, salary support for PDRAs, travel and subsistence, and research expenses including equipment as per EPSRCs funding rules.

Open Fellowships now provide opportunities not only for traditional research Fellowships, but also enable applicants to focus on innovation, instrumentation/technique development or software engineering or to include non-technical elements to create positive change in the research community should they wish. Note that EPSRC say Open Fellowships are suitable for those who “have already been in receipt of significant funding, or have been leading in an area of technical development” and hence are most likely to have several years of postdoctoral experience. Do discuss your career stage with the Facilitation Team before planning to apply.

Deadlines and timescales

EPSRC fellowships do not have specific deadlines, however they provide advised submission dates in order for applications to meet upcoming panels. These occur 2-3 times per year depending on the review panel area. The next Physical Sciences batching date is "late September" 2022. We would advise submission by mid-September 2022 to safely meet that deadline and provide a timeline below.

  • By 4th July 2022 - Internal EOI Deadline. Applicants to notify Research Facilitators of intent to submit, and confirm which type of fellowship you wish to apply for. Send us (on your EOI consisting of CV, your publication list, and a 1 page summary of your proposed research. Please confirm your EPSRC priority area if applying for a postdoctoral fellowship (currently open in 'energy', 'mathematical sciences' and 'synthetic biology'). Please cc in your Oxford Physics sponsor and let us know the name of your second reader for the proposal (a second internal academic). 
  • 21st July 2022 - applicants to start proposal in Je-S, give access to your Research Facilitator and send us a first draft of your Justification of Resources.
  • 28th July 2022 - applicants to send drafts of all Je-S text sections and Gantt chart to your Research Facilitator.
  • 4th August 2022 - applicants to send first draft of your Case for Support and Narrative CV to Research Facilitators and your academic contacts.
  • 5th September 2022 - applications to be finished ready for submission to enable time for final Research Facilitator checks and departmental approval.
  • 12th September 2022 - finished applications to be submitted on JeS for Research Services approval.

For Physical Sciences, there are three batching dates per year (currently advertised as early May 2022, end September 2022 and early January 2023); future rounds will have similar timescales to those detailed above, recurring approximately every 4 months.

Guidance and useful info

Once we know that you intend to apply we will be able to send you our internal guidance documents.

For all Fellowships you will require a letter of support from the Head of Department which will be written in collaboration with the local academic who is supporting your application.
Any equipment required will need departmental support (including funding) so please make the facilitation team aware at an early stage in the application process if you are hoping to include a request for equipment in your application.

The interview stage is an important part of the selection process so if you are invited for interview please notify the facilitation team and your local academic contacts as soon as possible so that mock interviews can be arranged in advance of the real interview.