MCSA Postdoctoral Fellowships are for two years and involve joining an established research group in the Department. The scheme is open to applicants moving from within Europe or those wishing to return to Europe; the scheme covers all research areas. There are no restrictions based on nationality or age  but applicants need to have a PhD and up to 8 years of research experience after PhD. Further details of eligibility can be found on the funder website. An academic (faculty) member of the Department will be needed to act as host so if you are interested in applying please contact the person whose group you would wish to join to discuss your proposed application with them and confirm their support for your application. NB this department only supports European Postdoctoral Fellowships, not the Global Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme.

The funding provides an allowance towards living, travel and family costs; further details are available on the funder website.

Applications are made via the EU's participant portal.

Deadlines and timescales (2021)

The 2021 deadline is now confirmed as 12th October. The UK is fully associated to Horizon Europe so we are eligible to apply.

9th August - applicants send one page outline, CV and publications list to Research Facilitators in order to obtain Departmental approval to apply. You will be required to confirm the name of your Oxford Physics sponsor and second academic reader.
24th August - approved applicants to have completed admin forms in EU portal.
31st August - draft Part B to Research Facilitators and supervisors for feedback.
21st September - internal Physics deadline. Applicants to have completed part B of application.
28th September - Research Services deadline.

Guidance and useful info

Please contact your host academic and the Research Facilitators if you are interested in applying and provide a copy of your CV as this will be required to gain internal approval for your application to proceed.
Once we know that you intend to apply we will be able to send you our internal guidance documents.