The Earth's atmosphere from space

Atmospheric processes

Understanding atmospheric processes and their role in the climate system
The Jet Stream

Climate dynamics

Investigating atmospheric circulation from the surface to the upper stratosphere and its role in climate variability and change
Albedo effect in degassing volcano

Climate processes

Our research addresses physical climate processes in the context of anthropogenic perturbations to the Earth system as the underlying cause of climate change with an overall focus on the role of clouds and aerosols.
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Earth Observation Data Group

The principal focus of EODG is the retrieval of atmospheric properties (e.g. temperature, pressure, trace gas concentrations, aerosol and cloud properties) from data gathered by Earth Observing satellites.
Melt ponds on sea ice.

Ice and Fluid Dynamics

Environmental fluid dynamics, applied to sea ice, ice sheets and ocean interactions.
ocean eddies

Physical oceanography

Physics of the circulation and structure of the global ocean and its impacts on climate
Lorenz demonstrated, with skill, The chaos of heatwave and chill: Tornadoes in Texas Are formed by the flexes Of butterflies’ wings in Brazil (Peter Lynch, University College Dublin)

Predictability of weather and climate

Predictions of weather and climate are inherently uncertain: initial conditions can never be known perfectly, and our weather and climate simulators are necessarily imperfect representations of the underlying laws of physics. Given this, how can we quanti