We are working on next-generation technology that has the potential to change the way we live our lives. Our work with photovoltaics focuses on establishing renewable energy sources to meet the pressing needs of the expanding world population while our work with nano-sized and nano-structured semiconducting materials will be central to the development of novel electronic and photonic devices.


The expanding world population has made the supply of renewable energy sources a pressing area of current research. We are working on the development of next-generation solar cells, with particular emphasis on:

  • metal halide perovskite semiconductors
  • carbon-based semiconductors
  • high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells
  • new approaches to harnessing the Sun’s energy
  • generation of new active materials for PV through synthesis, characterisation and implementation into devices.


Semiconducting materials often change their properties dramatically when the material dimensions are reduced to the nanometer length range. We are interested in the optical, electronic and morphological properties of nano-sized and nano-structured semiconducting materials, such as:

  • carbon nanotubes, graphene and van der Waals 2D materials
  • inorganic semiconductor nanowires and quantum dots
  • molecular nanowires
  • nanoporous metal-oxide materials

and the development of these nanostrutures into novel electronic and photonic devices.