Non-graphical calculators may be used but no tables or lists of formulae are allowed. Candidates may be expected to perform standard arithmetical operations by hand, including simple powers and roots, and the manipulation of fractions. Numeric answers should be calculated to 2 significant figures unless indicated otherwise. Candidates are responsible for making sure that their calculators meet the PAT specification listed below:

Calculators must be:

  • of a size suitable for use on the desk
  • either battery or solar powered
  • free of lids, cases and covers which have printed instructions or formulas
  • non-graphical

The candidate is responsible for the following:

  • the calculator's power supply
  • the calculator's working condition
  • clearing anything stored in the calculator

Calculators must not:

  • be designed or adapted to offer any of these facilities:
    • language translators
    • symbolic or numerical algebraic manipulation
    • symbolic or numerical differentiation or integration
    • able to solve inequalities
    • able to solve simultaneous equations
    • able to plot graphs
    • communication with other machines or the internet
  • be borrowed from another candidate during an examination for any reason*
  • have retrievable information stored in them including:
    • databanks
    • dictionaries
    • mathematical formulas
    • text

Examples of calculators which meet the specifications of the PAT are:

  • Casio fx83GTX and fx85GTX
  • Sharp ELW531B
  • Aurora AX-595TV

Examples of calculators which do not meet the specifications of the PAT are:

  • Casio CLASSWIZ (eg fx-991EX, fx-991ESPLUS and fx-570EX)
  • Canon F-789SGA
  • Sharp EL-9950

* An invigilator may give a candidate a replacement calculator which conforms to the specifications allowed for the PAT.