We are touring state schools in Oxfordshire in the summer term. if you are interested, please contact sian.tedaldi@physics.ox.ac.uk

Our activities 

Our activities are fun, hands-on and engaging. They can fit within a lesson slot and are typically delivered to around 30 (workshop) or ~200 (show) young people in each session. 

These are the workshops that we can provide for most visits:

  • Workshop: Connect Physics - careers activity / game. The students play the role of a recruitment agency and find physics jobs for a series of fictional characters. This provides a really nice insight into the wide range of job available in physics. 
  • Workshop: Galaxy Zoo - hands-on workshop on galaxies using real galaxy data from the citizen science platform "The Zooniverse".
  • Workshop: More than you can see – students use hand-held IR cameras to explore how light and the electromagnetic spectrum are used to understand space.
  • Workshop: Innovation Challenge – students solve engineering challenges in teams using simple equipment.

You can choose one or more workshop for your school but they will need to delivered in different lesson slots. 

There are also two shows that can be delivered to a whole year group, which show is available will depend on the date, but we should be able to provide at least one. 

  • Show: Accelerate! - interactive demonstration lecture/show about particle accelerators OR 
  • Show: Planetary Exploration - interactive demonstration lecture/show exploring how light/IR is used to understand planets, including our own

We do have other activities, such as new workshops on quantum computing and plasma but these will not always be available. We will let you know if these are available after we have organised a date. 

Visiting your school

Please suggest some dates for us to visit your school and we will do our best to accommodate. 

We are able to deliver consecutive workshops in lesson slots but we may require a single room for the day, otherwise we might need breaks to move equipment. The show will require up to an hour to set up. 

 It might be possible for us to deliver parallel activities within a single visit, or organise a second visit to ensure we talk to all classes within a year group. Let us know what would work for your school and we will do our best to accommodate! 

Roadshow in 2022

Here is a news story about last year’s roadshow.