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Meeting Minds Global - 'Baking a cake - physics in three layers'

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‘Baking a cake – physics in three layers’

Following in the tradition of Professor Nicholas Kurti, we will host an event that combines physics and baking, during Meeting Minds Global Alumni event in September.

There will be live cooking in the lecture theatre, and the event will be followed by an afternoon tea reception where guests can taste the same dish. (Please make sure you book for both parts of the event if you wish you stay for the reception).

We are delighted to welcome Mr Jürgen Krauss as our special guest, who will join Professor Stephen Blundell for an afternoon of physics and baking.

Physics alumni please note (link below) you can use a code to register free for this event.

About our speakers:

Mr Jürgen Krauss (Special Guest, Great British Bake Off 2021)

Jürgen was born and grew up in a village near Freiburg in the Black Forest. 

His love of baking started as soon as he could stand, helping his mother when she made Linzer Torte or the many varieties of biscuits for Christmas.
His love of science also started early, he sporadically read a children’s encyclopaedia he had been given for Christmas, dipping in and out at random when he had the leisure. Later he also had a chemistry set, and Physics seemed to come to him naturally at school.

After Abitur and military service, he studied Physics in Freiburg.
He re-oriented and for a while split his time between early music gigs and kitchen fitting, before settling into IT and computer programming around 1999.

Jürgen works as a database administrator and analyst programmer for a job agency. Apart from baking and music Jürgen enjoys outdoor activities (hiking, running, swimming), engineering, architecture, and anything that tickles his interest.

Jürgen started making bread in earnest from about 2010, when he was longing for German style bread, and it is his strongest baking skill.
Making bread has taught him to work systematically and with precision, and he used this successfully in the Great British Bake Off. He also applied his sense for flavour combinations, architecture, and engineering to create his memorable bakes.

You can follow him on twitter @juergenthebread

Professor Stephen Blundell (Department of Physics & Mansfield College)

Stephen J. Blundell is a Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford and a Professorial Fellow of Mansfield College, Oxford. He leads a research group which uses muon spectroscopy to solve problems in magnetism and superconductivity.

Among other things, he is also the Department's archivist.

How to book your place:

All University of Oxford alumni, including physicists, use this link to register. Physics alumni, use code PHYSICS2022 to register free. Please note that all alumni need to book for the reception separately.

Staff of the Department of Physics & General public: We have opened a very limited number of tickets for staff & general public, free. If you'd like to register, please email us. Note that you need to book for the reception separately.

Any questions, contact the alumni office.

Get your apron ready, see you on the 17th! ;)


About Meeting Minds Global

Meeting Minds Global Oxford, is back! and will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in September from the 16th to 18th.

As always, the Department of Physics will host events to complement the main programme. The overall event is organised by the central Alumni Office, and you can browse all events and book now, using this link.

This year, we are delighted to host two events, on Saturday 17 September.

'Higgs, LHC...and Oxford' by Professor Daniela Bortoletto (Head of Particle Physics) and Emeritus Professor Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith. 11 am at the Mathematical Institute. More information and link to register, here

'Baking a cake - physics in three layers' by our guest speaker, Dr Jürgen Kraus (Great British Bake Off) and Professor Stephen Blundell. 14:30 at the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, followed by a reception (booked separately). You can register for this event here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Any questions, email the alumni office.

* Please note that Oxford Railway Station will be closed some days in September and October, and this may affect your travel. Read more here.



University of Oxford alumni please book your place here. Physics alumni, remember to use code PHYSICS 2022 to get your free entry.

General public please book your place here. There are just a few tickets, so please book soon.