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Meeting Minds Global - 'Higgs, LHC...and Oxford'

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Andrew Wiles Building, Mathematical Institute Woodstock Road
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Higgs, LHC…and Oxford

The Higgs boson is sometimes described as the cornerstone of the Standard Model of particle physics. What is the Standard Model? What is the Higgs boson? These talks will provide answers, describe Oxford’s role in the construction of the standard model, recall why the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was built, why the LHC magnets are Oxford blue in colour, and how the Higgs boson was discovered. They will end with a discussion of what the future holds for particle physics and CERN.

Daniela Bortoletto is Head of Particle Physics in the University of Oxford. She is member of ATLAS, which is one of the two large experimental groups that discovered the Higgs boson.

Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith FRS was Director General of CERN when the Large Hadron Collider was approved and construction began. He is now an Emeritus Professor in Oxford, where he was an undergraduate and spent much of his career.


How to book?

All University of Oxford alumni are invited to join this event. Physics alumni can attend for free using the code PHYSICS2022.

To book, visit the central event page.

Please note this event will be hosted at the Mathematical Institute, and will be livestreamed, too.


About Meeting Minds Global

Meeting Minds Global Oxford, is back! and will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in September from the 16th to 18th.

As always, the Department of Physics will host events to complement the main programme. The overall event is organised by the central Alumni Office, and you can browse all events and book now, using this link.

This year, we are delighted to host two events, on Saturday 17 September.

'Higgs, LHC...and Oxford' by Professor Daniela Bortoletto (Head of Particle Physics) and Emeritus Professor Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith. 11 am at the Mathematical Institute. More information and link to register, here

'Baking a cake - physics in three layers' by our guest speaker, Dr Jürgen Kraus (Great British Bake Off) and Professor Stephen Blundell. 14:30 at the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, followed by a reception (booked separately). You can register for this event here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Any questions, email the alumni office.

Please note that Oxford Railway Station will be closed some days in September and October, and this may affect your travel. Read more here.