Behind the mask: can HARMONI@ELT detect biosignatures in the reflected light of Proxima b?

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press (OUP) 528:2 (2024) 3509-3522


Sophia R Vaughan, Jayne L Birkby, Niranjan Thatte, Alexis Carlotti, Mathis Houllé, Miguel Pereira-Santaella, Fraser Clarke, Arthur Vigan, Zifan Lin, Lisa Kaltenegger

A Spectroscopic Thermometer: Individual Vibrational Band Spectroscopy with the Example of OH in the Atmosphere of WASP-33b

The Astronomical Journal American Astronomical Society 166:2 (2023) 41


Sam OM Wright, Stevanus K Nugroho, Matteo Brogi, Neale P Gibson, Ernst JW de Mooij, Ingo Waldmann, Jonathan Tennyson, Hajime Kawahara, Masayuki Kuzuhara, Teruyuki Hirano, Takayuki Kotani, Yui Kawashima, Kento Masuda, Jayne L Birkby, Chris A Watson, Motohide Tamura, Konstanze Zwintz, Hiroki Harakawa, Tomoyuki Kudo, Klaus Hodapp, Shane Jacobson, Mihoko Konishi, Takashi Kurokawa, Jun Nishikawa, Masashi Omiya, Takuma Serizawa, Akitoshi Ueda, Sébastien Vievard, Sergei N Yurchenko

Chasing rainbows and ocean glints: Inner working angle constraints for the Habitable Worlds Observatory

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press (OUP) 524:4 (2023) 5477-5485


Sophia R Vaughan, Timothy D Gebhard, Kimberly Bott, Sarah L Casewell, Nicolas B Cowan, David S Doelman, Matthew Kenworthy, Johan Mazoyer, Maxwell A Millar-Blanchaer, Victor JH Trees, Daphne M Stam, Olivier Absil, Lisa Altinier, Pierre Baudoz, Ruslan Belikov, Alexis Bidot, Jayne L Birkby, Markus J Bonse, Bernhard Brandl, Alexis Carlotti, Elodie Choquet, Dirk van Dam, Niyati Desai, Kevin Fogarty, J Fowler, Kyle van Gorkom, Yann Gutierrez, Olivier Guyon, Sebastiaan Y Haffert, Olivier Herscovici-Schiller, Adrien Hours, Roser Juanola-Parramon, Evangelia Kleisioti, Lorenzo König, Maaike van Kooten, Mariya Krasteva, Iva Laginja, Rico Landman, Lucie Leboulleux, David Mouillet, Mamadou N’Diaye, Emiel H Por, Laurent Pueyo, Frans Snik

On the energetics of a tidally oscillating convective flow

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press 525:1 (2023) 508-526


This paper examines the energetics of a convective flow subject to an oscillation with a period $t_{\rm osc}$ much smaller than the convective time-scale $t_{\rm conv}$, allowing for compressibility and uniform rotation. We show that the energy of the oscillation is exchanged with the kinetic energy of the convective flow at a rate $D_R$ that couples the Reynolds stress of the oscillation with the convective velocity gradient. For the equilibrium tide and inertial waves, this is the only energy exchange term, whereas for p modes there are also exchanges with the potential and internal energy of the convective flow. Locally, $\left| D_R \right| \sim u^{\prime 2} / t_{\rm conv}$, where $u^{\prime}$ is the oscillating velocity. If $t_{\rm conv} \ll t_{\rm osc}$ and assuming mixing length theory, $\left| D_R \right|$ is $\left( \lambda_{\rm conv} / \lambda_{\rm osc} \right)^2$ smaller, where $\lambda_{\rm conv}$ and $\lambda_{\rm osc}$ are the characteristic scales of convection and the oscillation. Assuming local dissipation, we show that the equilibrium tide lags behind the tidal potential by a phase $\delta(r) \sim r \omega_{\rm osc} / \left( g(r) t_{\rm conv}(r) \right)$, where g is the gravitational acceleration. The equilibrium tide can be described locally as a harmonic oscillator with natural frequency $\left( g/r \right)^{1/2}$ and subject to a damping force $-u^{\prime}/t_{\rm conv}$. Although $\delta(r)$ varies by orders of magnitude through the flow, it is possible to define an average phase shift $\overline{\delta }$ which is in good agreement with observations for Jupiter and some of the moons of Saturn. Finally, $1 / \overline{\delta }$ is shown to be equal to the standard tidal dissipation factor.

Carbon monoxide emission lines reveal an inverted atmosphere in the ultra hot Jupiter WASP-33 b consistent with an eastward hot spot

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press (OUP) 522:2 (2023) 2145-2170


Lennart van Sluijs, Jayne L Birkby, Joshua Lothringer, Elspeth KH Lee, Ian JM Crossfield, Vivien Parmentier, Matteo Brogi, Craig Kulesa, Don McCarthy, David Charbonneau