Albedo effect in degassing volcano

Climate processes

Our research addresses physical climate processes in the context of anthropogenic perturbations to the Earth system as the underlying cause of climate change with an overall focus on the role of clouds and aerosols.
Localization of a photoexcited electron in a Q2D layered perovskite

Computational Condensed Matter Physics Group

We use and develop upon first principles computational modeling methods such as density functional theory and many-body perturbation theory to understand and predict structural, vibrational, electronic, optical and transport properties of materials.
Images of dimers on quasiperiodic Amman-Beenker tiling.

Condensed Matter Theory

Theory of complex quantum and classical systems
Vacuum chamber

Dipolar Quantum Gases group

We are currently building an ultracold erbium experiment in our lab in the Beecroft building with the aim of studying the effect of long-range interactions on quantum fluids.
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Earth Observation Data Group

The principal focus of EODG is the retrieval of atmospheric properties (e.g. temperature, pressure, trace gas concentrations, aerosol and cloud properties) from data gathered by Earth Observing satellites.
A VUV sub-micron hotspot for photoemission spectroscopy

Electronic structures and photoemission spectroscopy

Our research focuses on understanding the behavior of electrons in unconventional materials. We also develop advanced instrumentation that will drive the exploration of critical information on condensed matter systems with new degrees of freedom.
Visual appearance of hot Jupiter atmospheres with different temperatures or cloud types as calculated by the SPARC/MITgcm atmospheric circulation model.

Exoplanet atmospheres

Comparing models and observations to understand exoplanet atmospheres.
Artist impression of an exoplanet and its host star

Exoplanets and Stellar Physics

Detecting, characterising and modelling exoplanets and their host stars
Panorama of CBASS-South

Experimental radio cosmology

Development and science exploitation of new techniques and instruments at cm and radio wavelengths.
The lasers producing artificial guide stars of the Extremely Large Telescope

Extremely Large Telescope

Information on the Oxford involvement in the Extremely Large Telescope Project

Frontiers of quantum physics

Our group researches into applying quantum physics beyond the microscopic domain