A DPhil (PhD) in Atomic and Laser Physics involves some of the most rapidly developing areas of physics; your research could range from the fundamental physics of quantum systems to high energy density plasmas and other interdisciplinary application of lasers.

Graduates studying for a DPhil in Atomic and Laser Physics will have the opportunity to research the interaction of light and matter over an enormous range of conditions using experiment, theory and advanced computer simulations – from high-energy density plasmas created by the most powerful lasers in the world, the coherent manipulation of single quantum particles for implementing quantum information processing, the development of novel algorithms for quantum computers, through to the creation of exotic states of quantum matter such as Bose-Einstein condensates.

Open Day

We run an open day for prospective graduate students – whether in-person or online – for entry the following year. It is an opportunity to meet supervisors as well as some of our postdocs and current graduate students. 

Atomic and Laser Physics (ALP) will be holding an in-person Open Day for prospective DPhil applicants.  This will be an opportunity to meet supervisors and the teams of talented young scientists who are currently researching the interaction of light and matter.

There will be an introduction from the ALP Director of Graduate Studies and talks from different research groups.  As well as an opportunity to meet with supervisors for further discussion, a Q and A, followed by student talks.

We may offer a limited number of in-person lab tours, please express interest in this when registering for the Open Day and mention which academic's lab you would like to visit. 

To register please email alpgradadmin@physics.ox.ac.uk

The 2023 Open Day will take place on Monday 4th December 2023.


Read comprehensive information on fees and funding for graduate students.
We have available a number of studentships that are supported by OxCHEDS, UKRI-EPSRC DTP and IKRI-EPSRC QCC for the best candidates. A typical intake is 16 students per annum.

How to apply

All applications must be made through the central University of Oxford graduate admissions website where you will find information about applying to any of the six DPhil courses on offer at the Department of Physics.

It is important to note that you are not required to select a final project or supervisor at the point of application; while it is useful for us to know the broad areas you are interested in, we do not expect you to have made a final decision on your preferred projects and there will be opportunities to discuss your interests before offers are made.

If you would like to apply for more than one DPhil course, there is no need to complete a separate application for each or pay more than one application fee; please refer to the instructions for applying to related courses.