Our group has long experience in radiative transfer analysis of remote sounding of planetary atmospheres, and has played a key analysis role for many different infrared space instruments, including:  Galileo/NIMSCassini/CIRS; and the VIRTIS experiments on both the Venus Express and Rosetta spacecraft.

More recently, we are actively involved in the analysis of ACS data from Mars Trace Gas Orbiter, currently in orbit about Mars and will be involved in the forthcoming JUICE mission to the Jupiter system, working on data from the MAJIS instrument. 

Our group has  played a key role in developing the retrieval algorithms which allow optimal estimation of temperature, gas and aerosol profiles in atmospheres. These techniques, first developed for analysis of Earth’s atmosphere, are now applied to observations of every planetary atmosphere in our solar system and also to exoplanet atmospheres. To this end we have developed the NEMESIS code, which is now hosted on Github

Finally, in addition to working on data from spacecraft, we have an active programme of data analysis from ground-based observations from Gemini and VLT and will be involved in analysis from James Webb Space Telescope observations of both solar system planets and exoplanets.