Research in the Herz group explores the fundamental science and applications of semiconducting materials and nanostructures ranging from organic molecules and solids, III-V inorganic semiconductors & nanostructures, to hybrid systems such as sensitized metal oxides and organic-inorganic perovskites. Current work focuses on common themes such as molecular self-assembly, energy and charge transfer, bio-mimetic light-harvesting, nanoscale electronic phenomena and interfacial effects. The group has leading expertize in femtosecond spectroscopic techniques, and applies this to unravel the ultrafast dynamics of excitations in a diverse range of semiconductor and nanostructures. Close collaborations exist with device physicists, theoretical researchers, synthetic chemists and materials scientists in order to advance the development of these novel materials for energy harvesting, with a particular current focus on next-generation photovoltaic cells. Detailed information on current and past research in the Herz group can be found on the group’s web pages: