A Global Jet Watch observatory looks out on the night sky.

Global Jet Watch

Time-lapse spectroscopy of dynamic objects in the Galaxy
Artist impression of an exoplanet and its host star

Exoplanets and Stellar Physics

Detecting, characterising and modelling exoplanets and their host stars
The first Large Survey Project observations with MeerKAT

Hintze Centre for Astrophysical Surveys

Addressing the major problems of modern physics/astrophysics by augmenting our participation in the major international surveys that are designed to address them.
Omega laser

Laboratory astroparticle physics

cosmic magnetic fields, turbulence, quantum plasmas, fusion energy, quantum gravity
MeerKAT antennas against a backdrop of the Galactic Centre radio bubbles


Oxford's leading roles in the world's most powerful cm-wave radio telescope
Artist's impression of a Fast Radio Burst coming from a Neutron Star.

Pulsars, transients and relativistic astrophysics

The extreme astrophysics of neutron stars and black holes

Theoretical astrophysics and plasma physics at RPC

Theoretical astrophysics and plasma physics at RPC (including galactic and planetary dynamics, plasma astrophysics, and plasma theory for magnetic confinement fusion, all united by common interest in kinetic theory and nonlinear dynamics)
Panorama of CBASS-South

Experimental radio cosmology

Development and science exploitation of new techniques and instruments at cm and radio wavelengths.
Composite image of the SKA at daytime.

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA)

Oxford involvement in the Square Kilometre Array Project
Superconducting Quantum Detector Laboratory

Superconducting quantum detectors

Our research is primarily aimed at the development of ultra-sensitive cryogenic superconducting quantum devices for astronomy, quantum computation platform and fundamental physics experiments.

Gamma-ray astronomy

Gamma-ray astronomy
The lasers producing artificial guide stars of the Extremely Large Telescope

Extremely Large Telescope

Information on the Oxford involvement in the Extremely Large Telescope Project
Drone view of current status of construction on the summit as of mid-December, 2020.


Information on the Oxford involvement in the Vera C. Rubin Observatory.