Our main directions of research are 

  • Galactic dynamics and kinetic theory of self-gravitating systems (J. Binney, B. Kocsis, J. Magorrian)
  • Gravitational-wave astrophysics and black-hole physics (B. Kocsis, D. Uzdensky)
  • Planetary dynamics and accretion discs (B. Kocsis, C. Terquem)
  • Astrophysical fluid dynamics (J. Magorrian, A. Schekochihin, C. Terquem, D. Uzdensky)
  • Plasma theory for astrophysics and for magnetic confinement fusion (M. Barnes, A. Bott, A. Schekochihin, D. Uzdensky)

In fusion science, we work in close partnership with the UKAEA Culham Laboratory (CCFE).