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Visual appearance of hot Jupiter atmospheres with different temperatures or cloud types as calculated by the SPARC/MITgcm atmospheric circulation model.

Exoplanet atmospheres

Comparing models and observations to understand exoplanet atmospheres.
Artist impression of an exoplanet and its host star

Exoplanets and Stellar Physics

Detecting, characterising and modelling exoplanets and their host stars
Jets and vortices

Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

In which we study and research fluid dynamical phenomena and processes that occur in geophysical and astrophysical systems such as planetary atmospheres and oceans, stars, accretion disks and interstellar gas clouds.
Concept map for Planetary Climate Dynamics

Planetary Climate Dynamics

Processes governing planetary climate and its evolution over time
Image of Saturn from NASA Cassini

Planetary atmosphere observation analysis

Atmospheric observation data analysis of planets.
Enceladus' Damascus Sulcus. This image was generated by combining high resolution images of Enceladus acquired in August 2008 at 12 to 30 meters (40 to 100 feet) resolution with a topographic map.

Planetary surfaces

Investigating the surfaces of (primarily airless) bodies in our solar system.
Solar System shown with the planets shown in approximately the right size relative to one another.

Solar system

Research interests in planetary bodies throughout the solar system and beyond.
Diagrams of the CIRS instrument and its position on board the Cassini spacecraft

Space instrumentation

Space Instrumentation Development
The lasers producing artificial guide stars of the Extremely Large Telescope

Extremely Large Telescope

Information on the Oxford involvement in the Extremely Large Telescope Project