Images of dimers on quasiperiodic Amman-Beenker tiling.

Condensed Matter Theory

Theory of complex quantum and classical systems
CaF2 crystal with muon

Muons and magnets

Our research involves fundamental studies of emergent phenomena in quantum materials using muon-spin rotation, an experimental technique involving implanting radioactive particles that acts as microscopic magnetometers.
A VUV sub-micron hotspot for photoemission spectroscopy

Electronic structures and photoemission spectroscopy

Our research focuses on understanding the behavior of electrons in unconventional materials. We also develop advanced instrumentation that will drive the exploration of critical information on condensed matter systems with new degrees of freedom.

Applied Superconductivity

Our research is to understand and promote new superconductors for practical applications as part of the Oxford Centre for Applied Superconductivity.
Magnetic vortices in Fe2O3

Oxide electronics

We study novel quantum materials with the potential for integration in a new generation of fast, non-volatile memories and other electronic devices. Our current emphasis is on magnetic oxides which can be controlled by electric fields.
examples of inelastic neutron scattering spectra of quantum magnets

Quantum magnetism and quantum phase transitions

We explore experimentally emergent properties of quantum magnetic materials and quantum phase transitions using neutron scattering and thermodynamic probes
Quantum oscillations.

Quantum matter in high magnetic fields

Our research uses high magnetic fields, low temperatures, high pressures and strain to probe novel electronic, superconducting and topological phases of quantum matter. These studies are combined with ARPES and DFT calculations.
Dynamics of a sort

Quantum spin dynamics

We explore quantum coherent phenomena in condensed matter spin systems
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Research in Spintronics, Spin-Caloritronics and Magnonics

Thin film quantum materials

Growth of quantum materials in the form of thin films using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), UHV sputtering, and chemical vapor deposition; their structural, magnetic, and electrical characterization; as well as exploratory device studies.
Slides of macroscopic quantum matter

Macroscopic Quantum Matter

Our research concentrates upon the fundamental physics of electronic, magnetic, atomic and space-time quantum matter including the development of instrumentation allowing humans to visualise or perceive quantum phenomena.
High temperature superconducting disk levitating above a slab of permanent magnets

X-ray and neutron scattering

The group uses X-ray and neutron scattering to investigate novel electronic, magnetic, superconducting and topological materials, with emphasis on emergent phenomena associated with strong electronic correlations.
Pyrochlore Crystal

Synthesis and crystal growth

Synthesis and crystal growth