Trapped atoms in a magneto-optical trap

Atom-photon connection

Quantum interfacing matter and light at the single-particle level
Vacuum chamber

Dipolar Quantum Gases group

We are currently building an ultracold erbium experiment in our lab in the Beecroft building with the aim of studying the effect of long-range interactions on quantum fluids.
Spin lattice

Quantum systems engineering

Research in our group focuses on theoretical studies of quantum optical platforms including ultracold atoms, ion traps and cavities as well as quantum materials whose non-equilibrium dynamics can be controlled by ultrafast optics.

Ultracold quantum matter

We are an experimental group studying quantum many-body physics using ultracold atoms, as well as developing high-flux cold atomic sources and its application of matter-wave interferometry.
Blue and green laser beams propagating through optical elements

Quantum Devices and Biosystems

We are developing techniques and protocols to generate quantum effects in complex systems inlcuding in living systems and are reverse engineering bio-inspired structures in artificial solid-state and hybrid quantum optoelectronic materials.
Beecroft building

Theory of quantum systems

Theory research team working in quantum optics and quantum many-body systems, including quantum computing and simulation