The focused ion beam (FIB) facility at the Department of Physics has an FEI/ThermoFisher DualBeam FIB for small-scale micro- and nano-patterning applications and materials characterisation. The system combines a focused ion beam with field-emission scanning electron beam to enable highly localised milling and simultaneous high-resolution imaging.

Site-specific FIB cross-sectioning enables sub-surface 3D analysis and metrology, allowing, for example, the assessment of buried layer thickness or the identification and visualisation of defects or device failure sites under the surface.  

Complex 3D micro- and nanoscale patterns can be milled into the surface of most solid materials.  Beam chemistries are available for localised deposition of platinum, tungsten and insulating layers, and for enhanced or selective milling of carbon-based species or insulating materials.

The instrument is equipped with a dedicated Omniprobe micromanipulator for TEM lamella lift-out.  A Quorum Technologies Cryogenic preparation station and cryo-stage allows the investigation of soft polymer materials, liquid suspensions, gels and biological specimens.

We provide training for researchers to use our equipment and we welcome enquiries from across the University of Oxford and beyond, including from commercial and industrial users.


Facility Manager

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