The Oxford group leads measurements that probe the parton momentum distributions in the proton, and measurements that determine the properties of the electroweak gauge bosons.

To constrain parton distribution functions, we have led SM measurements of W and Z bosons in association with hadronic jets at ATLAS. Members of the group have also led the ATLAS PDF forum and performed independent fits to HERA and ATLAS data sets, and developed public tools and frameworks for the study of PDFs.

Our group contributed to the first ATLAS W boson mass measurement, which constrains new processes such as those predicted by supersymmetry.  We have measured the pair production of W bosons, sensitive to the self-interactions of the W and Z bosons (the WWZ vertex), and are in the process of measuring same-charge W boson production to probe the quartic (WWZZ and WWWW) vertices.  These processes are particularly sensitive to models beyond the SM, such as those with a composite Higgs boson. 

We're also looking for topological particles such as Instantons. Topological structures like these are important in matter-anti-matter asymmetry, and are predicted to occur within the Standard Model but have not yet been observed.

Doctoral thesis topics are available in each of these areas.

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