Single crystals of novel materials

Iron-chalcogenides using chemical vapour transport

Thin flake devices

Experimental techniques

Transport and magnetotransport

Quantum oscillations

Torque magnetometry

Critical current measurements

ac calorimetry

High applied pressures

Pressure piston cells

Diamond anvil pressure cells

External strain

Elastoresistance under strain via piezostacks

Transport and magnetrotransport under uniaxial strain using a Razobill cell

ARPES studies under applied strain

High-magnetic fields


15T and 21T superconducting magnets

High magnetic field facilities: Nijmegen, Toulouse, Tallahassee

Ultra-low temperatures

Helium cryostats and flow cryostat

Helium 3 Heliox system

Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Diamond Light Source

First principle band-structure calculations