You can apply to pursue graduate study and research in various areas of theoretical astrophysics and plasma physics at RPC via the following routes:

DPhil in Theoretical Physics for those interested in fusion, laboratory and astrophysical plasmas (projects with Drs Barnes, Bott, Schekochihin, Uzdensky, Gregori)

DPhil in Astrophysics for those interested in galactic dynamics, astrophysical fluid dynamics and plasma astrophysics (projects with Drs Barnes, Bott, Kocsis, Magorrian, Schekochihin, Terquem, Uzdensky, Gregori)

DPhil in Atomic and Laser Physics for those interested in laboratory astrophysics (projects with Drs Bott, Gregori, Schekochihin)

If you are interested in being considered for more than one of these degrees, please indicate so clearly on the front of your application form. 

You may also apply for master-level study of astrophysics, plasma physics and related disciplines via 

MSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics