Here is an overview list of the projects we have on offer for DPhil admissions in 2023. The supervisors are listed, along with the research theme that the project is listed under. Please click the relevant themes for each project, or in the page menu to see a detailed description of any projects that you are interested in.

Black hole discs in dense stellar systems
Bence Kocsis (Theory / Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

Black Holes, Bars and Molecules: A Recipe for Making Bulges
Martin Bureau (Galaxies)

Circumbinary discs and planets
Katherine Blundell (Exoplanets and stellar physics)

Contrasting simulations and observations: what can we learn about galaxy evolution
Dimitra Rigopoulou, Nirajan Thatte, Julien Devriendt (Galaxies / Theory)

Development of high-resolution gamma-ray detectors for high-energy density plasma experiments
Boon Kok-Tan, Gianluca Gregori (Instrumentation / Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

Dynamical instabilities in accretion discs
Steven Balbus, Bence Kocsis (Theory)

Efficient methods for cosmological data analysis
David Alonso (Cosmology)

Exploring galaxies in the distant Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope
Andrew Bunker (Galaxies)

Following the threads: Exploration in the data space of the WEAVE surveys
Gavin Dalton (Cosmology / Exoplanets and stellar physics / Galaxies)

Free-energy flows in turbulent astrophysical plasmas
Michael Barnes, Alexander Schekochihin (Theory)

Galactic explosions and their fallout
Katherine Blundell (Exoplanets and stellar physics / Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

Hunting in the dark: identifying the most dust-obscured galaxies in the Universe with the JWST
Dimitra Rigopoulou, Ismael Garcia-Bernete (Galaxies)

Interaction between tides and convection in stars and giant planets
Caroline Terquem (Exoplanets and stellar physics / Theory)

Machine-learning fundamental physics from cosmology
Pedro Ferreira, Harry Desmond, Deaglan Bartlett (Cosmology)

Magnetic-field amplification by the fluctuation dynamo in astrophysical plasmas
Archie Bott, Alexander Shekochihin (Theory)

Magnetised plasma turbulence: from laser lab to galaxy clusters
Gianluca Gregori, Archie Bott, Alexander Schekochihin (Theory)

Microphysics of gamma-ray bursts
Gianluca Gregori, Archie Bott, Alexander Schekochihin (Theory / Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

Nuclear and globular star clusters: the missing link between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies?
Adrianne Slyz, Julien Devriendt (Galaxies / Theory)

Particle acceleration in outflows from supermassive black holes
James Matthews (Theory / Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

Planet hunting with machine learning
Suzanne Aigrain, Chris Lintott (Exoplanets and stellar physics)

Simulating galaxies and black holes evolution with Harmoni on the Extremely Large Telescope
Michele Cappellari (Galaxies)

Strong gravitational lenses: discovery and high redshift lensed sources
Aprajita Verma, Matthias Tecza (Galaxies)

Superconducting parametric amplifiers for astronomy and quantum computing
Boon Kok-Tan, Dimitra Rigopoulou (Galaxies / Instrumentation)

Superconducting quantum detectors for millimetre and sub-millimetre astronomy
Boon Kok-Tan, Dimitra Rigopoulou (Galaxies / Instrumentation)

The dark haloes of spiral galaxies
Martin Bureau, Chiara Spiniello (Galaxies)

The extreme universe with revolutionary radio telescopes
Rob Fender, Ian Heywood (Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

The formation and cosmic evolution of relic galaxies
Chiara Spiniello, Michele Cappellari (Galaxies)

The origin of the highest energy particles in nature
James Matthews (Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

The response of stellar discs to perturbations
John Magorrian (Galaxies / Theory)

Transients, supernovae and kilonovae
Stephen Smartt (Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)

Understanding galaxy quenching from cosmic noon to now: from MaNGA to the JWST
Michele Cappellari (Galaxies)

Understanding the evolution of neutral hydrogen with Bayesian statistics
Matt Jarvis, Anastasia Ponomareva, Ian Heywood (Galaxies)

Understanding the population of radio pulsars
Aris Karastergiou (Transients, pulsars and high-energy astrophysics)