Our electronic engineers group are specialists in the design, analysis and manufacture of bespoke electronics systems from prototype to small production. We have specialist equipment for board assembly, a router for making circuit board prototypes, a component pick and place robot and reflow solder ovens including a vapour phase oven; our engineers work with both internal and external clients from concept to final output working to cost and delivery schedules.

The current main focus of our work is as part of particle and astrophysics collaborations and to support any electronics development within the Department of Physics.  We work on projects including the Large Hadron Collider ATLAS Silicon Central Tracker and LHCb RICH detectors, Neutrino detectors like SNO+ and the Square Kilometer Array, a very large radio telescope.  

What we do

  • Design, manufacture and commissioning of electronics systems
    • analogue, digital, low noise, high speed electronics
    • data acquisition and control
  • Programming of logic devices like FPGA's and micro-controllers
  • Design, assembly and test of flexible and rigid Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) including
    • RF circuits
    • Multilayer PCB’s
  • Assembly of fibre optic components.
  • Electronics and electrical repairs (internal only)
  • Electrical (PAT) safety testing (internal only)