We provide week-long opportunities for young people to get a flavour of work, study and life in a physics department. These longer-term events are designed to allow students to explore physics-related careers and the next steps for continuing to pursue their passion for physics. 

Year 12 Physics Summer School

We run a week of summer placements to give 20 local A-level (or equivalent) students a taster of life in a physics department. The placements provide experience of working in research, as well as other professions and support services within the department, including technical, outreach, enterprise and communications. During the week students work on a project and also take part in a central programme of activities such as departmental tours, career talks and sample lectures. Students present their work to their peers at the end of the week in a poster presentation. The Year 12 Physics Summer School is run in place of work experience for local students. 

Year 12 Physics Summer School 2021

Unfortunately, we will not be running a research summer school in 2021, owing to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, as we are unable to offer enough online research projects of a high enough quality to make the programme viable. We are very sorry for any disappointment this may cause. We are currently looking into what we might be able to offer in place of a summer school that translates better into an online format. However, you may be interested in the work experience opportunities this year being offered by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Year 12 Physics Summer School 2022

We hope to resume our summer school activities in July 2022 and applications will open in spring 2022. Priority is given to young people whose skills and enthusiasm align with specific projects and who look to benefit the most from the experience.

UNIQ Summer School (Year 12)

UNIQ is an exciting programme for Year 12 students across the UK who are interested in applying to Oxford. Participants get to know Oxford undergraduates and work with our academics. They experience a taster of university life, attending lectures, tackling problem sheets and doing experience in the teaching labs. UNIQ is open to students attending UK state schools and selection considers students’ school grades and their socio economic and educational background. Most UNIQ students decide to apply to Oxford and also get help to prepare for admissions tests and interviews. To find out more, and apply for UNIQ visit in the UNIQ webpage here.

Work experience (Year 10)

We organise a limited number of placements for Year 10 students in our partner schools. These placements are usually organised through Oxford City Council and typically involve working with our engineers in the workshop to give young people an opportunity to explore a career in technical design and support.

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