Former D. Phil. students:

  • 8 Academic Faculty
  • 3 Postdoc
  • 4 industry/government research    
  • 2 School teacher
  • 2 not in science

Former Postdocs:

  • 2 Academic Faculty
  • 1 Postdoc
  • 2 industry/government research    

Joel Spratt 2018Joel Spratt

Postdoc, Karolinska institute, Sweden

Joel's Thesis

Diana di PaoloDiana di PAOLO 

(2017: Cambridge Healthcare Research, Cambridge, UK) 

Diana's Thesis

James FlewellenJames FLEWELLEN

(2017:  Postdoc at the Crick Institute, and wine tasting expert. )

James' Thesis

Irwin Zaid 2017Irwin ZAID

(2017: Continuum analytics and director at Speckle Technologies )

Irwin's thesis

Ren Lim 2014Ren Chong LIM

(2016: Lecturer, Centre for Advanced Materials and Energy Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

Ren Chong's Thesis

Aidan Russel 2014Aidan RUSSELL

Aidan's Thesis

Ashley Nord 2013Ashley NORD

(2018: Permanent Researcher,  CNRS, CBS)

(2014: Postdoc in Pedaci lab, Montpellier)

Ashley's thesis

Shelley Wickham 2011Shelley WICKHAM

(2018:  University Lecturer, Physics and Chemistry, University of Sydney)

(2011: Postdoc in Shil lab, Harvard)

Shelley's Thesis

Wei-Meng Ho 2010HO Wei-Meng

(2011: Research Scientist at DSO National Laboratories, Singapore)

Wei-Meng's Thesis

Matt baker 2010Matt BAKER

(2017: Lecturer, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science, University of New South Wales )

Matt's thesis

Richard Branch 2010Richard BRANCH

(2010: Postdoc in Berg Lab, Harvard)

Richard's thesis

Tom Bilyard 2009Tom BILYARD

(2009: Postdoc in Yildiz Lab, Berkeley)

Tom's thesis

Fan Bai 2008BAI Fan

(2011:  Faculty, Peking University, Beijing)

Fan's thesis

Chien-Jung Lo 2007LO Chien-Jung

(2007:Faculty, Department of Physics, NCU, Taiwan )

Chien-Jung's Thesis

Teuta Pilizota 2006Teuta PILIZOTA

(2013:  Faculty, School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh
2007: Postdoc in Shaevitz lab at Princeton)

Teuta's thesis


Tania Saxl 2007Tania SAXL

(2014: Researcher, Early Warning sensing systems for infectious disease
2011: Deputy Director, Business, London Centre for Nanotechnology)
2007: Postdoc in Nano-medicine at King's College London)

Tania's thesis


Stuart Reid 2006Stuart REID

(2011: Associate Director, Oxford Nanopore)

Stuart's thesis


(2006: High-School Biology teacher)

Jenny's thesis

Alex Rowe 2005Alex Rowe

(2005: Postdoc, Oslo University)

Alex's thesis

Alex's thesis


Other Former Lab Members:

Liang LE

Postdoc until 2017

Liang le


Visiting PhD student until 2015Bastiaan Leerkotte

NicolasNicolas DELALEZ

Postdoc until 2014

(2014 - postdoc Soyer lab)

Bradley STEEL

Postdoc until 2012Bradley

LawrenceLawrence LEE

EMBO visiting fellow, 2012


Visiting PhD student 2011

Universitat de BarcelonaRuben

MostynMostyn BROWN

Postdoc until 2011

ClaudioClaudio SILVESTRIN

Visiting Student 2009-2010

Claudio's Thesis

Yoshiyuki SOWA

Faculty, Department of Frontier Bioscience

Hosei University, JapanYoshi

LeakeMark Christian LEAKE

Anniversary Chair of Biological Physics

Dept of Physics, York


Sabbatical visitor 2001/2002

The University of Southampton