Images of dimers on quasiperiodic Amman-Beenker tiling.

Condensed Matter Theory

Theory of complex quantum and classical systems
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Oxford Molecular Motors

We are currently working on Rotary Molecular Motors. In particular the Bacterial Flagellar Motor and F1FO ATP-synthase. The aim is to try and understand how these living machines work. We use a range of techniques. Molecular motors are tens of nanometre
contera lab

Physics of biological shape: from molecules to organisms and biohybrid structures

Physics and nanomechanics at the interface of biology and nanotechnology, in molecules, cells, tissues (artificial or natural) and whole organisms. Atomic force microscopy. Led by Professor Sonia Contera
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Gene machines

Studies of the mechanisms and machines of gene expression using single-molecule biophysical methods and biochemistry.
DNA tetrahedron

Self-assembled structures and devices

We study the physics of synthetic biomolecular nanostructures in order to create disruptive technologies including probes of cellular structure and function, templates for molecular electronics and molecular machinery for atomically precise manufacture an
Ion channels

Ion channels

Our research is focused on understanding the intimate relationship between ion channel structure and function; we are working to understand their molecular mechanism of operation at an atomic level as well as their role in physiology and disease.
Blue and green laser beams propagating through optical elements

Quantum Devices and Biosystems

We are developing techniques and protocols to generate quantum effects in complex systems inlcuding in living systems and are reverse engineering bio-inspired structures in artificial solid-state and hybrid quantum optoelectronic materials.