HEDLines showcases interesting and important high-energy-density research carried out within OxCHEDS and its partner research groups. Each HEDLine summarises the research undertaken in 500 words or fewer. Research areas covered include plasma accelerators, laboratory astrophysics, inertial confinement fusion, dynamic compression, and high-field physics.

Take a look at our research highlights below.

Reciprocal space image of shock-compressed fcc.11 January 2022

Links in another world: the influence of a shattered crystal on the world's most expensive thermometer

A computational study outlines the physical limits and requirements of a dynamic temperature diagnostic for dynamic-compression experiments.


Image of an ICF capsule.24 May 2021

Drive smarter, not harder: low convergence ratio ICF experiments may still yield substantial gains

A simulation campaign shows that nuclear fuel compressed to comparatively low densities in inertial confinement fusion experiments can generate useful amounts of energy.