Theses written by recent former students of the group, listed by main supervisor

Joseph Conlon
Searches for Axion-Like Particles with X-ray astronomy Nicholas Jennings (2018)
Astrophysical signatures of axion and axion-like particles Francesca Day (2017)
Cosmology & Astrophysics of Dark Radiation Andrew Powell (2016)
Phenomenology of Dark Radiation & String Compactifications Stephen Angus (2014)

Andre Lukas
Aspects of string model-building and heterotic/F-theory duality Callum Brodie (2019)
Calabi-Yau Manifolds, Discrete Symmetries & String Theory Challenger Mishra (2017)
Heterotic string compactification & quiver gauge theory on toric geometry Chuang Sun (2016)
Heterotic Compactification on Spaces of General 6-Structures Eirik Eik Svanes (2014)
(with Prof Xenia de la Ossa Maths)
Elementary Particle Physics from String Theory Compactifications, Michael Klaput (2014)
Heterotic string models on smooth Calabi-Yau threefolds Andrei Constantin (2013)

John March Russell
Radiation from Black Holes George Johnson (2020)
Aspects of massive spin-2 effective field theories James Bonifacio (2017) (with Prof Pedro Ferreira Astro)
Multimetric theories of gravity James Scargill (2016)  (with Prof Pedro Ferreira Astro)
Searching for New Particles at the Large Hadron Collider: Theory and Methods for Extradimensional Supersymmetry James Scoville (2015)  (with Prof Alan Barr PP)
New Phenomenology from Asymmetric Dark Matter Robert Lasenby (2015)
Supersymmetry and Electroweak Fine Tuning Edward Hardy (2014)
Aspects of Asymmetric Dark Matter James Unwin (2013) (with Prof Philip Candelas  Maths)
The String Axiverse and Cosmology David Marsh (2012)

Gavin Salam
Precision fits for the LHC and beyond Emma Slade (2020) (with Juan Rojo, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)
Precision Physics at the Large Hadron Collider Frederic Dreyer (2016) (with Matteo Cacciari, LPTHE, Paris Diderot University)
Theoretical & experimental study of electroweak corrections for inclusive production of jets and development of methods for detecting extreme topologies Nicolas Meric (2013)  (with Philippe Schwemling, LPNHE, Paris Diderot University)

Subir Sarkar

On the impact of new, light states in some astrophysical and laboratory systems Giacomo Marocco (2022) (with John Wheater)
Investigating new physics with high power lasers Konstantin Beyer (2021) (with Gianluca Gregori, ALP)

Inhomogeneities in Cosmology David Kraljic (2016)
From the LHC to IceCube Jim Talbert (2016) (with Dr Guido Bell)
The Standard Model to the Planck scale Kyle Allison (2015) (with Prof Graham Ross)
Phenomenology of Asymmetric Dark Matter Felix Kahlhoefer (2014)

Andrei Starinets
Holographic Approaches to Strongly-Interacting Systems Nikola Gushterov (2018)  (with  Dr Andrew O'Bannon Southampton)
Applications of the gauge/gravity duality Jonas Probst (2017)
Gauge/Gravity Duality & Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Strongly Coupled Quantum Systems Philip Kleinert (2017)
Hidden structures in scattering amplitudes & correlation functions in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories Jakub Sikorowski (2015) (with Prof Luis Fernando Alday Maths)
Hydrodynamics: from effective field theory to holography Saso Grozdanov (2014)
Holographic quantum liquids Nikolaos Kaplis (2013)
Excitations in holographic quantum liquids Richard Davison (2012)

John Wheater

On the impact of new, light states in some astrophysical and laboratory systems Giacomo Marocco (2022) (with Subir Sarkar)

Topics in quantum gravity and quantum field theory Dennis Praveen Xavier (2022)
Spin systems and boundary conditions on random planar graphs Aravinth Kulanthaivelu (2020)
Naturalness in beyond the standard model physics Isabel Garcia Garcia (2017)
Random Matrices, Boundaries and Branes Benjamin Niedner (2015)
Spectral dimension in graph models of causal quantum gravity Georgios Giasemidis (2013)