Images of dimers on quasiperiodic Amman-Beenker tiling.

Condensed Matter Theory

Theory of complex quantum and classical systems

Frontiers of quantum physics

Our group researches into applying quantum physics beyond the microscopic domain
Superconducting Quantum Detector Laboratory

Superconducting quantum detectors

Our research is primarily aimed at the development of ultra-sensitive cryogenic superconducting quantum devices for astronomy, quantum computation platform and fundamental physics experiments.
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Research in Spintronics, Spin-Caloritronics and Magnonics
Dynamics of a sort

Quantum spin dynamics

We explore quantum coherent phenomena in condensed matter spin systems
Trapped atoms in a magneto-optical trap

Atom-photon connection

Quantum interfacing matter and light at the single-particle level
Male and female scientist

Superconducting quantum devices

Our academic research group works on the physics of superconducting circuits and their application to quantum computing.
Quantum magnonics lab

Quantum magnonics

The quantum magnonics research group develops low-temperature microwave magnetic circuits to probe the physics of magnonic systems at the quantum level.
A single strontium ion in a trap.

Ion trap quantum computing

Testing and developing ideas in quantum computing using laser-manipulated trapped ions.
Blue and green laser beams propagating through optical elements

Quantum Devices and Biosystems

We are developing techniques and protocols to generate quantum effects in complex systems inlcuding in living systems and are reverse engineering bio-inspired structures in artificial solid-state and hybrid quantum optoelectronic materials.