Here is a list of theses supervised by members of the condensed matter theory group in the past 5 years.

John Chalker
Locality and many-body quantum spectra Samuel Garratt (2021)
Minimal models of quantum chaotic many-body systems Amos Chan (2019)
Frustration and disorder: classical spin liquids and Floquet-Anderson insulators Dillon Liu (2017)

Fabian Essler
Non-equilibrium dynamics in tunnel-coupled Bose gases Yuri van Nieuwkirk (2020)
Weak integrability breaking and full counting statistics Stefan Groha (2018)
Dynamics and entanglement of exotic quantum liquids Thomas Veness (2017)

Paul Fendley
Exotic phases of interacting Majorana fermions and parafermions Edward O'Brien (2020)
Strong edge zero modes in interacting systems Jack Kemp (2019)

Ramin Golestanian
Non-equilibrium dynamics of active enzymes Tunrayo Adeleke-Laredo (2020, with J. Yeomans)
Current fluctuations in ionic nanopores Mira Zorkot (2017)
Collective behaviour of chemotactic microorganisms in a viscous environment Anatolij Gemilson (2017)

Ard Louis
Robustness of evolutionary and glassy systems Vaibhav Mohanty (2021)
Simplicity bias and generalization in deep learning Guillermo Valle Perez (2020)
Theory and simulation of twisted DNA duplexes Ferdinando Randisi (2018, with Jonathan Doye, Chemistry, and David Gavaghan, Computer Science)
Exploration of DNA systems under internal and external forcing using coarse-grained modelling Megan Engel (2018, with Jonathan Doye, Chemistry)
Genotype-phenotype maps for gene networks: from evolution to computation Francisco Quevedo Camargo (2017)

Sid Parameswaran
Dynamics and correlations in quantum many-body systems Michele Fava (2022)
Topology and correlations in twisted bilayer graphene Yves Kwan (2022)
Isolated quantum systems:  dynamics and phase structure far from equilibrium Aaron Friedman (2019, at UC Irvine)

Steve Simon
The higher lattice gauge theory model for topological phases of matter Joe Huxford (2022)
Unconventional superconductivity and Majorana modes Henrik Røising (2020)
Integrals of motion in many-body localized systems Abishek Kulshreshtha (2019)
Quantum Hall edges beyond Luttinger liquid Richard Fern (2018) 
Unconventional superconductivity in strontium ruthenate Thomas Scaffidi (2016)

Julia Yeomans
Non-equilibrium dynamics of active enzymes Tunrayo Adeleke-Laredo (2020, with J. Yeomans)
Dynamics and topology of active and passive liquid crystals Luuk Metselaar (2019)
Impact of drops upon surfaces with complex morphology Matthew Andrew (2017)
Statistical mechanics of colloids and active matter in and out of equilibrium Andrew Balin (2017)
Lattice Boltzmann study of evaporation phenomena Gianluca Laghezza (2016)
Hydrodynamics of micro-swimmers in complex fluids and environments Arnoldus Mathijssen (2016)